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Last night, around 4 am:

*Wakes up, suddenly, heart pounding*

*Had stress dream. For some reason there was a penguin*

*Realizes that if she were Proust, she would get up immediately and start writing about the dream*

*Realizes that if she were Dali, she would start making a painting about the dream to stay in the dream*

*Realizes that if she were Éluard, she would be crying because Dali stole her/his wife*

*Realizes that if Éluard could get over this, not to mention gangrene during the first World War, and get not one but two more fabulous mistress/muses (only one of which was stolen by Picasso), she can go back to sleep and will be fine during exams.*


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Strait of Euripus

In Apollinaire’s poem, “Le Voyageur,” hé writes, “La vie est variable aussi bien que l’Euripe.”

l’Euripe (Euripus) is a strait in Greece where the current changes FOUR TIMES A DAY. Small boats can’t make it through, and the passage is not wide enough for very big boats. And even if you can get a boat through, you have to be careful because there is a high risk of VORTEX FORMATION.

Hydrology, man.